Occupy Oakland: U.S. Marine fighting for his life

Moments ago I broke down in tears when I saw the picture of a 24-year-old U.S. Marine Iraq veteran moments after he was struck in the head by a gas canister fired by the Oakland Police. Scott Olsen, 24, of Daly City, California,  a member of Veterans for Peace, suffered a skull fracture and brain swelling. Last reports are this young man is in critical condition fighting for his life. The sickening size and scope of this brutal injustice will be all the more so if Mr. Olsen loses  his  fight to live. It would mean the first person to die in the Occupy Movement is a United States Marine; young man who fought for his country.

article-2053502-0E89468100000578-365_964x493The Occupy Oakland protesters carry away Scott Olsen after he was  hit by a tear gas canister shot by the Police, near the Oakland City Hall on October 25, 2011 in California. AFP Photo / Kimihiro Hoshino

The violent response to this peaceful movement is driven by the one percent; I would urge the honorable members of law enforcement (and there are many) to refuse to follow any order asking them to inflict violence on their fellow Americans. Responding with this kind of military violence puts those engaging these acts in the same boat as the thugs now carrying out the orders of the dictator in Syria.

It is also time for the president and other elected leaders to step up and condemn this brutality.

We must fill the streets with more people, it is our duty as citizens. In the meantime, pray that this young man recovers.

One thought on “Occupy Oakland: U.S. Marine fighting for his life

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