Moving to the Berkshires

It is now all but certain that I will be moving to the Berkshires in Massachusetts on May 1. While it will be the first time in my life that I’ve lived anywhere but New York State, there are a few things that need to be said at the outset.

First: I will always be a New Yorker. Second: I will not end my involvement with the world of brain injury in New York. In fact, my new home is on or about 25 miles closer to Albany than where I live now. Third: Now and forever I will remain a NY Yankees, Giants, Rangers and Knicks fan. Having gotten my love for and loyalty to New York memorialized, let me say that I am genuinely happy and excited about the move. One of the first place’s I will visit once I settle in will be Edith Wharton’s home called The Mountain. I’ve read number of her books and in my view her work is one of the greatest things about American literature, any literature for that matter.

I have, of course, mapped out the area’s public library system and am overjoyed about that. More than anything though, I am looking forward to settling into a new home that I do not have  to leave. I want to pare down my focus in life to two primary areas: writing and advocacy. If I am lucky, travel would be nice.

I will deeply miss some new friends I’ve made where I’m living now, people I genuinely love and care about. But, as my closing in on 40 years of friendship with Michael Sulsona proves, you don’t have to live in the same locale to remain active friends. Michael lives in Staten Island.

And now, the process of moving. Here is exactly how I feel about moving. American playwright Lillian Hellman once said, “I hate writing, I love having written.” For me, I hate moving, I love having moved.

5 thoughts on “Moving to the Berkshires

  1. The Bershires are my favorite place! Took my family of 5 there to Great Barrington, for Thanksgiving this past one and it was our BEST Holiday to date!!!Looking forward to meeting you in the coffee house on rt 7 in Great Barrington and a visit to a Museum or two!ps I would loose respect for you if you became a Red Sox/Patriots fan. 8 years in CT has not waivered my spirit for Yankees and Giants! Go NY Sports!

  2. What a weird world, and this is totally urelated to your blog , make long story short . I read every nightTo my children , have since they were small, nowTwo are teens. In this life of not so funny, I find I prefer funny, thought of a book i had read years before, Woody Allen before he turned pervert, "Without Feathers to be precise. So I ordered it. Well this made me alittle nostalgic for a timeWhen life was before me, no boundaries , and no clue. Your name came to mind, wondered if youEver wrote a great novel, I believe John StienbeckWas your god then. I could tell right away, by your topics that I had hit on the correct Peter. I personallyLanded in the Adirondacks a rustic artist of all, things. Totally the opposite end of spectrum , despise Obama and the creation of Welfare state.Life hits us all a bit differently, hence the direction we strike back. You probably don't have a clueWho I am, was, Lori Habuda. Just had to sayHi. Lori

  3. Wow, pretty venomous stuff. Never ceases to amazeHow differently the situation we have here can be viewed. Definitely bad in either end of spectrumBut "socialism does not work", period. What have we missed here when we continue to cling to this utopian mirage, over the horizon somewhere . Nations are going bankrupt, do you really believeThe government will care for you when the $ runs out? I knew you oncePlease reply


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