You can come out now


You can come out of the woods now child you don’t need to hide anymore

You can come out now you don’t need mother’s leafed canopy to shelter you

Or the solid trunks of power she gives you to hide behind

You can come home now sweet wounded boy because you don’t have to hide


You can come off the streets young man sheets and blankets wait for you

You can rest your head in the quiet now and sleep with peaceful smile

Or sit in the soft chair by the window and sing your heart song

You can come in from the cold now and live home safe warm


You can come out of the house now man your long walks are waiting

You can rise up now brother and step out strong once again

Or skip to your heart’s delight under the rise of the cresting sun

You can come home now son  because I’ve loved you all along


You can come out now sweet boy child though so many are gone

You can sit at the table now and know you’re not alone

Or you can dance through the day and sing any old song

You come out in the world now because it’s your home too



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