Keeping my promise

As the hands set words to page the heart knows they’ll reach nowhere close to what I feel in the all-soul of me. My wet eyes tell of my heart being touched sweet deep down by a song sung by a man I don’t know of written by a man I do and I am reminded of why I am here, the what for of it, the hope that when my time is over a few more hearts will know freedom, and  maybe some redemption too.

It is so clear now, whether Bob or new man singing, that those human angels (like Bob and the new man and so many others) breathe spirit-strength love into the universe that is the all of life, and without them, we would no doubt perish. The right to peace and love must, if we are to outlast the epidemic of greed and lust for power, prevail, though things sometimes don’t look good.  We must take care of our own and when Bruce sings it our own is the human family, the all of the human family.

We all till the soil of our lives whether we realize it or not. Each day what we contribute translates in time into something born of our inner-heart intentions. It is said humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking less about yourself, and perhaps more of others, and those to come.

Make a promise to love the life you lead, hold all accountable, those that wound and those that heal, those that live and those that die. What comes next who knows for sure? What I know when it comes to me is this: I can keep my promise, and so I shall.

So sing on all you human angels and when hard times are on us, you keep singing and I’ll keep my promise and hope my sweet reader does too.

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