Ratchet up & dream again


If you want forgiveness brothers and sisters you’ve got to forgive

If you want love in your hearts you’ve go to love no hands asking

If you want someone holding you then do some holding of your own

If life was fair brothers and sisters we wouldn’t be where everything’s real


If pain sadness tears your soul’s seams brothers and sisters breathe

If kneebuckling heartbreak shoots you down cold shoot love in return

If wounded hearts wound yours  send kindness their way

If the choice is delivering a  blow or offering a hug go with this last


If like me you’ve been knocked down and blown out don’t give up now

If you’re tripping on shattered dreams rubble trust sunrise on the morrow

If you’re broken sad let the tears come breathe deep gentle and slow

If you think you’re nothing left think again you’re an angel I promise


If you think you’re nothing you’re wrong I swear

If you’ve stopped hoping for tomorrow rise up and hope again

If you lost the magic child within open up and look again

If you’ve stopped dreaming then ratchet up and dream again



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