Tell the Truth and Don’t Dribble

– She’s a kneebuckler, I’m sure of it.

– A what?

– Kneebuckler, you know kneebuckler?

– Not personally.

– No no. A kneebuckler is a woman so beautiful in who she is she buckles your needs. Retaining the ability to stand can be an issue.

– You mean it’s more than looks.

– Can be, of course.
– So meet her sitting down.

– That’s not all though.

– All what?

– That’s not all kneebucklers do to you.

– I don’t understand.

– When you meet someone you’re supposed to talk.

– That’s what they say.

– Who says?

– I don know, it’s an expression, that’s what they say, an expression.

– You’re supposed to talk –

– When you meet someone.

– Right. But if she’s a kneebuckler that can be difficult.

– Talking?

– Apparently you think I’m a kneebuckler because you’re not having an easy time talking yourself right now.

– I don’t think you’re a kneebuckler. Nobody’s think that.

– Then try concentrating on what I’m saying here.

– Okay.

– You meet a kneebuckler, retaining the ability to speak coherently is at risk.

– So what do you do?

– Try not to stare.

– That doesn’t make any sense, you have to look at her.

– I know I have look at her, but I don’t have to stare.

– Stare meaning…?

– Your eyes glaze over, you hope to God you’re not dribbling. And you try to remember to nod when she says something.

– What if she asks you a question?

– Tell the truth, always tell the truth.

– Tell the truth and don’t dribble.

– There ya go.

– Then maybe that’s the way you approach things like this.

– Tell the truth and don’t dribble.

– There ya go.


What do you want

To know about me

I can see your

Breath pulsing at me

I can feel you here

In this space

In my room I ask

What do you

Really want

Do you really want

Me to talk to you

Holding nothing back

Say all that has churned

And spiraled in me

Sometimes at a pace

So chaotic I thought

I would fall from existence

Do you really want to know

In and out

You are so beautiful

You buckle my knees

In grateful glory

There is as you may know

A little boy inside me

I suppose it is safe

Maybe not to say there is

A little girl inside you

Across the distance

I say this to you

I can feel you

Your heart beat

I can feel the soft

Rhythmic cadence

Of your voice

The sculpted and bold

Creativity of your thoughts

Your feelings you

Breathe for love

Where in the bones

Of your soul

You know you are safe

Being you

You are with me


My words sail

On the mighty back

Of gentleness to you

Pledging my always open heart