Music leads us many places. Some expected, some not. I was recently watching “House,” a well done television drama about a doctor with the people skills of a bruise and genius level diagnostic skills. The show has some superb music from time to time and I heard a song I’d never heard before called, “One Safe Place.” The show vanished and the song took me over. And soon I was in tears knowing how each of us wants – and deserves – a safe place in life.

I went to the computer to learn what album the song is on and in my research learned that Mr. Cohn was shot in the head in 2005. I also learned he is married to 20/20s Elizabeth Vargas. I wrote them a letter.

As I look at the world around me these days I see too many who know firsthand the non-bigoted blast of trauma. I see too many who think themselves immune to the trauma of life and others who are so steeped in the poison tea of arrogance they believe themselves capable of handling anything with relative ease. I see too many who make money by pretending to care about the badly wounded and less fortunate among us, when the truth is they don’t care at all. None of this surprises me anymore. It is easy to hate in response to all this, but finding a safe place in life means finding a place that is not just safe physically, but a place that is safe emotionally and spiritually safe as well. Hatred never really hurt anyone as much as it hurst the person carrying the burden of hatred. Carrying the burden of hatred guarantees no safe place in your heart and soul. This I know.

And so, while this has been a rambling piece of writing…it is sincere and honest. Don’t forget to live, remember each of you deserves a safe place in life…on all fronts. And, if you want to hear Marc Cohn sing “One Safe Place”, you can visit the link below. You deserve it. And it’s safe.