Despicable Non-Christian Protests

No matter what the United States Supreme Court decides in the case of the father of a dead United States Marine who is challenging the right of a fundamentalist church to picket at his son’s funeral, the actions of the church are anything but Christian.

As the AP reports,  “The father of a Marine killed in Iraq is asking the Supreme Court to reinstate a $5 million verdict against members of a fundamentalist church who picketed his son’s funeral with signs like "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "God Hates the USA." The signs, not to mention protests at funerals of fallen members of the military, are beyond despicable. The father of the fallen marine, Albert Snyder, lost his son in Iraq in 2006.

The whack jobs from the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka Kansas, led by the not-so Reverend Fred Phelps, have picketed numerous military funerals claiming  U.S. deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan are punishment for American immorality. I can think of nothing more immoral than protesting at a funeral.

There are certain lines you don’t cross. I don’t care what your position is on the war, or what political party you belong to, or what your religious belief’s are. When it comes to the men and women who lose their lives in war, it’s hands off and show respect.

While protests at funerals – which emotionally pulverize the families and loved ones of those who’ve lost their lives fighting in the American Military -  may be determined to be constitutional, they not only don’t represent what  is good about my country, they aren’t Christian.