The messianic minds of Bush and Cheney, two men (even writing those two words insults all that is good about manhood) who are seeking and in many tragic ways succeeding in establishing the first American Dictatorship. This week the American Dictator Bush along with his cadre of sycophants are using the firestorms tragedy in California to vilify Louisiana’s state and local leadership’s response to Katrina; never mind that anyone whose mind has been walking erect for 10 seconds knows damned well that had the Louisiana population been wealthier and, well, whiter, the response would’ve been far swifter and far more effective.

I don’t suppose the American Dictator Duo will spend much time on California, they are too busy starting (or continuing) World War III by gearing up to attack Iran; never mind that the American military is already stretched dangerously thin, never mind that the whole American story is taking on a trajectory eerily reminiscent of the failed Roman Empire.

It is up to the people of this country to do something and it is up to congress, both sides of the aisle, to stand up and stop the dictators. The problem is, congress is infested with people who are willing to save lives and save America as long as it doesn’t mean putting their jobs at risk. How many of us would say, I’d be willing to save the lives of our young men and woman being killed and maimed overseas but not if it means losing my job?

Let’s get some term limits in place. The American people are tired and scared…and if things don’t change soon…the American people will soon be no more.