No Bigotry in Addiction

I was in a conversation about the insanity of the disease of addiction which, of course, includes alcoholism. The conversation was with a group of friends who, like me, are in recovery. One fellow said, “Oh yeah. I remember driving drunk one time and crashing into all these trees.  I immediately realized I needed to cut back on my driving.” We all laughed because we all recognized how severely the disease of addiction mangles our thinking. The same holds true for Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen and the far too many like them, including me. When we are using we are tenaciously insistent that the responsibility for the problems and tragedies in our lives are the fault of anyone and anything other than us. Not true.

The reality of addiction guarantees that unless someone gets sober, in other words, gets well, their story never ends with the words, and they lived happily ever after.

Recent reports say Lindsay Lohan feels she is being picked on (Note to Lindsay: Don’t steal necklaces and when you are wrong, promptly admit it) and Charlie Sheen’s life continues to disintegrate.

The truth is there is no bigotry in addiction. Addiction doesn’t give a rat’s ass whether you’re rich and famous, poor, employed or unemployed, tall, short, fat, skinny; it doesn’t give a rat’s ass what your skin color is or what religion you are or what country you’re from. It has only one goal, to kill everyone it sinks its teeth into and, while it’s doing the killing, destroy and mangle every component of the person’s life.

Lohan’s enemy is not the system and Sheen’s enemy is not CBS; their enemy is addiction and as long as addiction – too often helped by its enabler-elves – can keep them blaming everyone but addiction, their stories along with stories of far too many like them will not end and they lived happily ever after.

Charlie Sheen: Dead Man Talking

I’m thinking about his five children, the two sons recently removed from his house for their safety, his parents, brothers and sister. I’m think of those who really love him. Like Charlie Sheen, they are going through hell. The only difference is, they know it. They know that unless he gets the help he desperately needs, and deserves, it is only a matter of time, and perhaps not a lot of that, before we learn of this death.

The salvia-dripping media jackals have latched onto Mr. Sheen’s thus far losing battle with addiction, not because they care about the man, but because they want to make as much money of the man’s crumbling life as they can before he dies, and then make as much money off the circumstances of his death, funeral and burial.

If you are one of those that have seen the repeated airings of Mr. Sheens dysfunctional monologues and dialogues, know that you are watching the disease of addiction killing a human being. His words and behavior may make you dislike him. Understandable. But here’s a tip. Dislike the disease, not the person. Disliking Mr. Sheen because of his disease driven behavior is like disliking someone with the flu because they have a fever.

I hope he gets well. With all my might I hope he does not die.  I hope, like me and countless others, he hits a “bottom” he can recognize and gets the help he deserves.  I hope this for him, and for all who truly love him, especially his children.