Dear Lindsay Lohan – Sobriety First

In the life of an alcoholic-addict, there is  only one person who is responsible for drinking or using, the alcoholic-addict. Why? because they are sick. Not bad, but sick. How do I know this, separate and apart from the data that says this, because I am a recovering alcoholic-addict. A wonderful friend of mine who died last year used to say, “You’re not responsible for your addiction, you’re responsible for your recovery.” This is true for me and all others grappling with this deadly disease, including Lindsay Lohan. A fact her father, Michael Lohan, and her mother, Dina Lohan, clearly don’t get; more proof that addiction is a family disease.

Dina Lohan has complained that her daughter’s life is too much in the media spotlight; an accurate claim though a somewhat bizarre one coming from Dina Lohan because she’s voiced her too-much-media complaint on talk shows as well as to television and print reporters.

Michael Lohan’s judgment is equally off the beaten path. In response to the fact his daughter recently failed two drug tests, she testing positive for cocaine in one of them, he reportedly said, “…all I can say is ‘watch out’ to the person(s) who allowed this to happen in their presence and sold or gave her the cocaine or alcohol.”  Fine, Michael. But the fact of the matter is it was your daughter who chose to use the drugs.

The bottom line is Lindsay Lohan is a 24-year-old woman who is in a fight for her life. Addiction itself doesn’t give a damn whether she is an actress or famous or attractive or unattractive. Addiction has one goal and one goal only – to demolish everything and everyone in its path until it achieves its ultimate goal – kill.

Addiction is trying its level best to kill Lindsay Lohan just as it is trying its level best to kill every other addict-alcoholic. And until Ms. Lohan and those around her fully digest that her entire life needs to be about getting sober before it is about anything else, she doesn’t stand a chance.

Battling addiction is a tough but winnable fight, all the more so when those waging the fight realize that anything they put before sobriety will be lost, including life itself.


Special Favors Threaten Lindsay Lohan’s Life

If news reports that Lindsay Lohan is receiving special favors in jail are true her already at-risk life is even more at risk. I say if because if there is anything I am sure of, it is the penchant of some members of the media to close-dance with rumor rather than spend time in the world of reality. The latter being something someone facing the challenge of addiction must do if they want to stay alive –and free.

Anything that gives someone facing the disease of addiction the message that they do not have to deal with reality is, in short, life threatening.  Like cancer and other diseases, addiction doesn’t give a rat’s ass if the person it has hold of is famous. Addiction knows no bigotry. It simply destroys everything in its path.

One news report claiming Ms. Lohan is getting special visiting privileges says that whenever she leaves her cell everyone else is placed in lockdown. Another report says she has been given a special room with a TV, hospital bed, and a dresser for her clothes. If any of these reports are true, Ms. Lohan is being put in real danger. In order for an addict-alcoholic, like me for instance, to get well, they must fully experience the damage the addiction is inflicting on their life. To spare someone this experience is to empower the addiction and put the person at greater risk.

Ms. Lohan is not her fame, she is not her looks, she is not her addiction. She is a human being who, unless she fully experiences the damage be inflicted on her by addiction, is, in a word, doomed. 

For those who continue to use the story never ends with, they lived happily ever after.  For the most part the media doesn’t give a damn about Ms. Lohan.  In fact, you can be sure some members of the media would love it if she died from an overdose of some kind because oh my the papers they would sell, the ratings they’d get.

Ms. Lohan, like anyone facing the challenge of addiction, is in a fight for her life. If those who love her give a damn, they will allow her to fully experience jail, and not seek to create an abbreviated version of the experience. After she is released, she should go right into treatment, her father should get his self-serving ass off the talk show circuit, and those who love her should show their love by supporting all things sobriety.

Ms. Lohan deserves to get well. And she deserves  people around her who empower her, not the addiction.