Getting Snuck

When I was in reform school you were on the lowest rung of the food chain if you snuck somebody, hit’m when they weren’t looking. It was considered an act of cowardice. I remember once I was playing basketball and some guy snuck me with a hard punch to the nose. The blood flew out and of course my eyes were watering. Enraged, I turned towards my assailant, hands raised, vision blurry. I wanted my eyes to clear so I could cave in the chest of the blurry figure floating before me who’d hit me. Suddenly a narrow shadow whipped by and the blurry figure vanished. An arm was around my shoulder and my friend Dempsey was leading me away. He’d knocked out my attacker with one punch.

You didn’t sneak someone and expect to get away with it.

I got to thinking about all this when I read today that Faisal Shahzad, the would be Times Square bomber, was sentenced to life in prison. Apparently the little shit was all defiant and smirking  and tough-guy in the court room today. Tough guy my ass. Setting a car bomb to kill innocent people and then running away to hide is just another form of sneaking someone. Cowardice pure and simple. I’m wondering how much tough guy bragging he’ll be doing in prison. Not much I imagine.

Interestingly, I don’t think you’d be able to punch the little twit without it looking like you’d snuck him. After all, he’d no doubt be running away when the blow struck.