Is Tim Feeney a Liar?

A friend of mine recently wrote to me wanting a closer look at the details surrounding Timothy J. Feeney’s bogus claim in an email to my blog readers that he was awarded a legitimate masters degree and doctorate by  a now defunct diploma mill called Greenwich University. The short answer is, he wasn’t. However, let’s look at the facts.

Feeney’s unsolicited email to my blog readers says Greenwich “functioned as an unaccredited institution in the US, moved it’s physical location to Australia, received legal accreditation in Australia for a two year period – period of time that my doctorate was conferred – and then lost that accreditation and closed.”

First of all, Greenwich was never given legal accreditation by the government of Australia – never.

In fact, according to the Australian Federal Government’s Department of Education, Science and Training, “Between 30 June 1998 and 2 December 2002, Greenwich University (Norfolk Island) degrees were lawfully awarded under legislation approved by the Norfolk Island Government (not the Australian Government), using its powers of self-government. While the Commonwealth Minister for Territories assented to legislation, this does not mean that Greenwich University awards were ever recognized by the Federal Government of Australia.” In fact, in January 1999, Greenwich actually sought accreditation under the  Australian Qualifications Framework. The Australian government set up a review committee that, after review, ruled that Greenwich would “not be listed on the registers of the Australian Qualifications Framework because the standard of its courses, quality assurance mechanisms and its academic leadership fail to meet the standards expected of Australian universities.”

But, for the moment anyway, ‘let’s go back to Feeney’s claim that his “doctorate” (note that he omits reference to the “masters”) was awarded during the time Norfolk Island allowed Greenwich to issue degrees: June 30, 1998 to December 2, 2002.  However, there is a rather critical document that stands in the way of Feeney’s claim. In fact, it disproves it.  It is a document, I dare say, that Feeney himself would  a tough time arguing against, mostly because the document is his resume. His resume says he was awarded his “masters” in 1992 and his “doctorate” in 1996, six years and two years respectively before the time period Norfolk Island allowed Greenwich to award degrees.

And just so we leave no stone unturned, in a January 27, 2009 email to me written by Douglass  Capogrossi, the former president of Greenwich University no less, Mr. Capogrossi writes that Feeney received his “masters” from Greenwich on August 27, 1993 and his “doctorate” on June 14, 1999. So was Feeney lying in his resume when he claimed 1996 as the year he received his “doctorate”? Hmmm, lob pitch anyone?

Having said all this, here is the bottom line. Neither document awarded Feeney by Greenwich is recognized as a valid college degree anywhere in the world and, more importantly, anywhere in the United States, including my home state of New York. The dates he cited in his email to my blog readers were and are disingenuous.

So what does this all mean, other than Feeney continues to knowingly misrepresent his credentials. It means that any business, health care provider and  or government agency who knowingly does business with him has in some way decided it is okay for him to lie about his credentials and mislead survivors of brain injury, their families, children with disabilities, healthcare providers and more.

I would urge any and all to refuse to work with Feeney or any entity he is involved with until Feeney openly acknowledges his dishonesty.


Feeney Again: Understatements & Reasons

An understatement: New York State brain injury survivors and their families will be up arms if Timothy J. Feeney and his staff have any involvement in the Statewide Neurobehavioral Project; a project designed to help providers of services under the Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver. In fact, if there were an Olympic event for understatements and you uttered the preceding sentence, you might just win gold.

I was asked recently if I knew if a contract had been signed that would bring Feeney back.  While I’ve heard from an array of sources that Feeney and his minions are scampering around claiming they are under contract, I do not think the contract has been signed. If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll recall that for 15 years while working under contract with the department of health, Feeney misrepresented his educational credentials to New York State Officials, people with brain injuries of all ages, children with disabilities, educational institutions, and healthcare providers. It may be that he did so in courts as well. An avenue of investigative interest for sure. 

If you think having the bogusness of his credentials exposed in 2008 by this writer dissuaded him from continuing the ruse, you’re wrong. Feeney continued and continues to present himself as having a PhD and a Masters Degree. The truth?  He has neither. Feeney was issued these “degrees” by a business called Greenwich University; a dip0loma mill. “Degrees” from Greenwich are not valid anywhere in the world.

Let me just say that I’ve known people with real doctorates and real masters degrees and my father taught at Columbia University and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. People pour their blood, sweat and tears into getting these degrees.

If I am right that the contract has not been signed, I believe there are several reasons for this. Most will not surprise you – one might.

  • First, and likely the least surprising, the whole country is looking to conserve Medicaid dollars to the extreme (keep in mind Feeney was essentially being paid with your tax dollars).
  • Second, everyone knows that allowing Feeney and those linked to Feeney back into the fold would be a clear statement to survivors of brain injuries, their loved ones that they are second rate citizens. Why else anyone allow someone who misrepresents his credentials and those who know this and support him back into the fold? It would be like asking a geologist to oversee neurosurgery across the state (my apologies to the geologists among us).
  • Third, if Feeney were again part of the neurobehavioral project and investigations resulted in criminal and or civil charges against him down the road, how would anyone look if they’d entered into a contract with him, directly or indirectly, having been fully informed of his misrepresentations before doing so?! Wouldn’t any parties falling into this category find themselves on the receiving end of some fairly zealous and plausible litigation?
  • However, there is a fourth reason, and this is the one that might surprise you. While the public at large is quick to condemn government agencies simply because they are government agencies, such condemnations are not always accurate. All indications are that those in the New York State Department of Health genuinely do care about the quality of services being provided to survivors of brain injury in the state. And that is good news for us all.



Could Feeney Be Charged Next?

A special prosecutor has been assigned to pursue charges against Steven B. Feldman, a Saratoga County New York man who, New York State Police say, used his educational credentials from a diploma mill calling itself Hamilton College to get contracts with Saratoga County.

And what, you ask, is Hamilton College? It is a diploma mill just like Greenwich University, the diploma mill Timothy J. Feeney has repeatedly used to land himself three contracts with the New York State Department of Health and, not incidentally, take part in court cases as an expert.  Moreover, one would like to think any party who aided and abetted either Feldman or Feeney in what amounts to nothing more than a con would be criminally charged too.

According to PostStar.Com, Feldman “provided court-ordered (mental health) evaluations without adequate education.” 

In New York’s Washington County, Fort Ann New York School Superintendent Maureen VanBuren and some school board members have been informed about Feeney’s bogus credentials so if they retained their contractual relationship with him as it appears they have, who knows what may be in store for them.

Clinton County District Andrew Wylie, a district attorney from Clinton County will handle the case against Feldman.

The New York State DOH and the Southern Tier Independence Center have been fully informed about Feeney’s false credentials and both parties have received communication from brain injury survivors, family members and, in some cases, providers, asking that Feeney and his staff be stopped.  Some providers have said they will stop providing services if Feeney returns.  If STIC does sign and contract and does  give the work to Feeney, they did it once before, one has to wonder where the long arm of the law will reach next.

And hey, the alphabetical order of Feeney and Feldman is pretty tight. Wouldn’t it be amusing if people were assigned to cell blocks alphabetically? Lord knows the two would have lots to talk about.

Stay tuned.


Feeney Facts Plain and Simple

It is  amazing how stone cold facts sometimes get a bit foggy,  or so some would hope. So, I thought I’d lift the fog a bit.

Fact: Timothy J. Feeney continues to say he has a valid PhD and a valid Masters Degree when he doesn’t.

Fact: The Southern Tier Independence Center in Binghamton New York may well get the contract from the New York State Department of Health to be the Statewide Neurobehavioral Project for New York’s Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver.

Fact: All indications are Southern Tier has every intention of giving the work, once again because they did it before, to Feeney and his team. 

Fact: The New York State Department of Health and the Southern Tier Independence Center are fully aware of  Feeney’s bogus degrees and both parties have received communication from brain injury survivors, family members and, in some cases, providers, asking to be protected from having Feeney and his company in their lives. Some providers have said they will stop providing services if Feeney returns.

Fact: If the Southern Tier Independence Center gets the contract and gives work to Feeney and the state doesn’t step up and stop this from happening that means that the Southern Tier Independence Center and the NY State DOH are okay with a dishonest and unqualified individual impacting the lives of the 2700 or so brain injury survivors on the waiver, their families, and the dozens of honorable healthcare providers trying to provide waiver services.

Fact: If the last Fact were to happen, it would mean Southern Tier and the State are not putting the survivors, their families, and the providers first.  And, by the way, it would mean both parties are sticking  it to the taxpayers because it is taxpayer dollars that would foot the bill, and taxpayers deserve honesty too.

Fact: The Kahrmann Advocacy Coalition, whose membership will soon be larger than that of the prestigious Brain Injury Association of NY State, is paying close attention, which is fairly relevant since the coalition was founded by brain injury survivors and their loved ones, they very people all the aforementioned parties say they care about.


In Fairness to STIC

The Southern Tier Independence Center in Binghamton New York is in line to get the contract for the Neurobehavioral Project for the state’s Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver. If history has it’s way, they will give the work to Timothy J. Feeney and his staff. That would be a terrible mistake.

However, it is important that fairness is given to STIC and, by all accounts, its remarkable leader, Maria Dibble. One cannot assume (remember the Odd Couple joke) that Ms. Dibble and STIC have been made fully aware of all the untenable realities linked to Feeney.

But now STIC knows. This writer and others have provided Ms. Dibble and STIC with a plethora of documentation that reveals, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Mr. Feeney’s claims to have a PhD and a Masters degree are bogus. Both degrees, as the several thousand readers of this blog already know, were issued by Greenwich University, a now defunct diploma mill off the coast of Australia. In fact, one of the bogus degrees issued Mr. Feeney by Greenwich was issued before the diploma  mill before it moved from the American west coast to Norfolk Island off of Australia.

Now, STIC is aware.

STIC has also been made aware that Mr. Feeney has contracted with at least one public school district, the Fort Ann School District in Washington County, and is again presenting himself as Dr. Feeney or Timothy Feeney PhD. STIC has also been made aware that Feeney’s company’s voicemail already says they (not STIC) are under contract with the DOH as the Neurobehavioral Project when two things are true, the contract is not signed and were it signed, it would be with STIC, not Feeney’s company.

There’s more, and there’s more because all I hear of Maria Dibble and STIC is positive and she and they deserve all the facts. Some have already reached out to STIC about their concerns and STIC has been informed that some providers of services under the waiver will drop out if Feeney and his company are in any way involved.

For STIC, or anyone for that matter, to give the work to Feeney and his people now would be to somehow approve of the fact he misrepresents his credentials to families, consumers, providers and, in the case of the schools he is involved with, children. There have been complaints filed against him as a result of his actions at Fort Ann already.

Now STIC and Maria Dibble are aware of the facts, and they are honorable folks and I would like to think will do the honorable thing.

To give the work to Feeney, who is already misrepresenting himself even more on his new resume where claims, for example, that he is a “Registered psychologist (temporary)” in Victoria, Australia, resulted in this response from Linda Jen, the Senior Registration Officer for the Psychologists Registration Board of Victoria:  “Our records indicate that Timothy Feeney is not registered with the Psychologists Registration Board of Victoria. However, I am unsure what you mean by “temporary” registration?”

So again, it is another misrepresentation by Feeney. Now STIC and Maria Dibble do know the facts.  For them to work with Feeney now would mean that in some way STIC and Maria Dibble are comfortable working with someone who continues to misrepresent himself to consumers, children, professionals, and, perhaps in this case, the very agency that was going to give him work.

Were Feeney and his company given the work, then it would certainly appear to be a tail wagging the dog scenario, meaning Feeney, not STIC and Ms. Dibble, is calling the shots.