Memo to Chris Matthews: Sssssh

I think Chris Matthews is a good man. He’s been the host of Hardball with Chris Matthews since 1997 and his love for politics and country is evident and admirable. I like him. However, he has never met a sentence he wants to finish speaking or a question he wants to finish asking. Given the bursting-at-the-seams loudness of his delivery, he  clearly graduated the How to Avoid Whispering Workshop at the head of the class.

He interrupts guests all the time. It is a small miracle that, to my knowledge, no guest has ever gone across the table and throttled him. Christopher, please! Why do you ask me a question when you have no intention of letting me answer it?!

If you watch and listen closely, you will notice that some guests rush their answers, as if they are running as fast as they can so they don’t get caught in the breaking  wave of a Matthews’ interruption.

Please, Christopher, let people talk. Don’t interrupt. And for God sakes, don’t drink coffee.