Flipping Switches

When’s the last time you saw an elected state or federal official struggling with poverty? I don’t know that there is one. 

I got to thinking about this recently when I read that Speaker of the House John Boehner accused the president of ignoring reality; this from a man who no doubt uses tanning beds and is apparently oblivious to the threat of melanoma. Boehner, along with other Republicans and, don’t be fooled, a number of Democrats, are hell bent on protecting tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires, the oil and gas companies, and they have even drawn a line in the sand when it comes to protecting the tax break big-buckers get for their corporate jets.

For many many years Ralph Nader has been right and still is right when he says the country is run by big business. That’s who is driving the car in D.C. and God forbid Obama and too few others ask them to chip in their fair share. Think the New York Times is leftwing? Don’t be so sure. A recent headline regarding the financial crisis talks about Obama wanting tax increases; a headline the Time knows damned well will lead most readers to think the president wants to increase taxes on all Americans, middle class as well as the poor, when nothing could be further from the truth.

And why would the Times opt for a purposefully misleading headline; its owned and run by wealthy folks who don’t want their tax breaks ended.

If you have plenty of money and little if any conscience, it doesn’t take much to flip a switch designed to not just protect but increase your wealth knowing full well that your switch flipping will damage some lives, destroy others, and end still others. In moments like this I am hoping there is a just God because if there is, payback will be a bitch for some of these folks. Perhaps those wounded and ended by their greed will offered a chance to watch the payback if they want to.

I wish I could flip a switch that would turn off the greed-based decision making spewed by too many of our wealthy elected officials.


Living in a Land of Lemmings

A myth about Lemmings, a small rather cute rodent, says they commit mass suicide by following each other off cliffs to their demise. While the myth is merely that, a myth, one wonders if there aren’t a large number of Americans who, like the myth lemmings, blindly (or stupidly) follow those who put the wealthiest among us before anyone else.

Case in point. The Obama administration along with a large number of Americans who have an ongoing relationship with reality as well as an ongoing relationship with democracy believe the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans should not continue while the tax cuts for the middle class should continue. Continuing the tax cuts for the wealthy (meaning if you make more than $250,000 a year) would, by the way, cost the country $700 billion in revenue. Congressional Republicans want the tax cuts for the wealthy to continue and polls say the Republicans are ahead in the polls? Have we lost our minds?

Those fighting for continuance of the tax cuts for the wealthy, including some Democrats like Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, don’t give a damn about the American people. The problem is, too many Americans are so gullible they don’t see this. The facts are undeniable. During the Bush-Cheney debacle the wealthy made out like bandits because they are bandits. Halliburton and others of their sleazy ilk filled their coffers on the backs of the American middle class and poor and, whether we want to face this or not, on the blood of our young men and women who were sent to fight in Iraq, essentially to benefit the oil companies.

The mind boggling thing is that the greed-based members of Congress are doing well in the polls? Are we Americans so bloody stupid and or so bloody gullible that we are unable to understand that in many many cases, the wealthy in this country got their wealth as a result the blood shed, literally and figuratively, by the American middle class and the American poor?

So, American or a Lemming?  You decide.

I’m an American.