Sometimes the Reader Says It Best


I don’t know that I have ever posted a reader’s comment as a standalone piece before, but I am posting this one. This person has successful stated what is in the hearts and minds of thousands across the New York State and beyond right now, it accurately echoes what I and others heard for years about Feeney.

“A  new comment on your post "Responding to a Reader about Feeney’s Work":

In an era when accountability and responsibility are important and stressed by the NYS government and DOH they award contracts to a facility who hires someone lying about his credentials. That’s the message that DOH chooses to give to all other providers, staff and organizations serving people with disabilities. The OMIG and the state attorney should be involved not just now but for all these years that the self proclaimed "Dr Feeney" did his work. If DOH would have elicited feedback from providers, regional offices and participants alike, they would never allow him to work with survivors as part of this program and be part of a contract they award nevertheless.”

True that.