Brain Injury Summit II This Friday

The second Brain Injury Summit will be held Friday morning in Albany.  Those invited included the Brain Injury Association of NY State, the New York State Department of Health, the New York State Commission on Quality of Care, the Providers Alliance, the Brain Injury Coalition of Central NY, and the Kahrmann Advocacy Coalition.

Given that effective and fluid communication between all is a challenge not uncommon in any multifaceted system, communication will be the primary focus.

The DOH of late has taken a great deal of heat, both from this “pen” and from others. It is my sincere hope that some of the challenges now being faced by survivors, providers, advocacy groups and, not incidentally, the DOH are clarified so when all parties leave the summit, heads are in a more serene place, there is greater clarity all around,  and the commitment to open and effective communication is, in some instances renewed and in other instances begun.

All parties actively took part in the first summit and I fully expect the same this time. There are some justifiably frightened survivors across the state and some understandably worried providers. To say lives are at risk is anything but an understatement.