A Great President & The Imbeciles Among Us

Last night I watched President Barack Obama deliver an extraordinary State of the Union speech. A speech rich with honesty, a willingness to admit mistakes, real ideas, and a call for accountability on both sides of the aisle.

When I watched the Republicans sitting on their hands, refusing to applaud like a bunch of petulant spoiled brats, and some members of the Supreme Court donning holier-than-thou expressions when the president took them to task for an utterly asinine ruling that will allow big business, including foreign companies and unions to influence election outcomes with their hefty bank rolls, I wanted to smack each and every one of them upside their heads and remind them of something Mark Twain said: “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.”

It’s hard to tell which when I watch the members of congress. It doesn’t get much easier when I look at the media either. New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, who deserves all the accolades he gets as long as they remain unexpressed, said the president’s speech came from a man “who doesn’t know what narrative he’s selling.” I put Douthat in the imbecile column. Then there is Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post  who said the speech had “a decidedly paint-by-poll-numbers air about it.” Another arrogant heard from.

But the more accurate reflections on his speech can be found in the voices of the American people.

Russ Methlie of Brooklyn New York wrote, “We are close to a breaking point, and must come together, so he offered a banner we can all march behind. He is our private instincts manifest as an honest, righteous man. He is not our savior. He is not a benefactor. He is simply what we needed: someone to reminds us of who we are and where we were going.”

A woman named Eve from Norwalk, Connecticut applauded the speech and reminded us to “do your part: the slogan is not "yes, he can," it’s "yes, we can!"”

Obama was right when he reminded congress, “We were sent here to serve our citizens, not our ambitions.”

Obama is listening to the American people, we can only hope the members of congress do the same.


Wakeup, Ross Douthat – Reality is Calling

If anyone ever has the gall to accuse New York Times columnist Ross Douthat of eloquent use of the English language or an iota of humility, please let me know ‘cause I’d like to set’m straight.  I’m not sure what the Times is paying Mr. Douthat but I suspect he’d get better pay and feel more at home in the seedy enclave of Fox News.

In his column today he suggests President Barack Obama should have turned down the Nobel Peace Prize because, the somewhat delusional Mr. Douhat writes, it was “an opportunity to cut himself free, in a stroke, from the baggage that’s weighed his presidency down — the implausible expectations, the utopian dreams, the messianic hoo-ha.” Hoo-ha, now there’s a word that dazzles the imagination. I bet the Bard would’ve jumped at the chance to use it. Macbeth to the witches: “Whassup with all that hoo ha?” 

And while I am at it, I wonder what implausible expectations Delusional Douthat is referring to? The end of torture? Healthcare for all? Accountability in the executive branch? Making sure we don’t, say,  start any wars based on information we know is, well, in a word, bullshit?

Delusional Douthat doesn’t stop there. He says the president wasn’t brave enough to say no to the prize. Let me clue you in on a rather obvious, though not to you, truth,  DD. It takes a level of courage deep and powerful  for a black American to run for my country’s highest office. I suspect if you’ve ever been in the same room with that kind of courage, it wasn’t yours.

Folks like DD would actually be funny were it not so sad and truly tragic that some good people are taken in by them. Delusional Douthat actually says Mr. Obama missed a chance to “draw a clean line between himself and all the overzealous Obamaphiles, at home and abroad, who poured their post-Christian, post-Marxist yearnings into the vessel of his 2008 campaign.” Total trash from the pen of DD.

There is an insidious and dangerous phrase in Delusional Douthat’s column today. A phrase reflects the despicable arrogance inflicted on the world by the Bush-Cheney administration that caused enormous damage to my country and my country’s relationships with other countries. Listen closely.  DD writes, “Here was a chance to establish himself, definitively, as an American president — too self-confident to accept an unearned accolade, and too instinctively democratic to go along with European humbug.” European humbug? You are talking about our allies nitwit, countries whose people and communities are just as valuable as ours.

Listen closely, DD, it is, in part, Mr. Obama’s remarkable efforts to undo the damage caused by this arrogance that led the committee to award him the Nobel Peace Prize in the first place.

Wakeup, Mr. Douthat – reality is calling.