Protect My President

While nitwits  Michaele and Tareq Salahi dribble their asinine claim around Washington D.C. that they did not crash a state dinner, protect my president.

The Salahi’s appear to be nothing more than a pair of attention seeking gnats with a level of loyalty to their country and their president that is nothing to brag about, if, in fact, it is anything at all.  And while these two airheads sit in front of TV cameras and do interviews (the media mindset giving them personal attention being particularly despicable, though not at all surprising), the real story is two people were able to outwit the president’s security.

Those who know me well know I love President Obama and think we may be witnessing the beginning of one of my country’s greatest presidencies. However, I don’t care if the president is Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan. and so on – protect my president.

Period. End of story.