Until Tomorrow’s On

Let me swing your taste in movement and swirls, the skin on skin shifting until light returns, making magic ‘neath the covers until tomorrow’s on.

Sing your dancing words close to my ear, telling secrets for no one but me, making magic in the sunshine until tomorrow’s on.

Move me tender in sweet words embrace, you’re the shift-shift rhythm of jazz,  and we’re dancing magic until tomorrow’s on.

What’s that you say, there’s more to come, dancing in the night-time sun, we’ll be making magic until tomorrow’s on.


It went from frenzy soft

Moments slipping deep into

Moisture warm sliding into

Each others center

Losing track of where body

Moments began and ended

This salacious duet seizing

The moment whole

Their passion

Diving deep and deeper

Into each other’s grasp

The walls of where

They were embraced

Fell full away into

Velvet warm black

Leaving the slippery glow

Of skin to skin sliding

In a creamy warm embrace

Their eyes puffy

In primal heart-soul rhythm

Her soft glistened wetness

Slid across his tongue dipping

Into her deeper tasting

 Seed in feathered droplets

Across her lips


Each other dry

As their souls