I don’t know one American who will not be outraged when they learn that badly wounded American Veterans are living in a government-owned, mold-infested outpatient building that is home to an ample supply of rats, mice and cockroaches.

But wait, I’m wrong. There are some Americans who simply don’t give a damn. And there are others, like the White House, members of Congress and the military’s top brass, who are so oblivious to the plight of our wounded warriors they’ve never visited them at Building 18, the building in question that sits right across the street from Walter Reed Hospital which is in the nation’s capitol of all places.

Lt. General Kevin Kiley, Surgeon General, U.S. Army on the Jim Leher Newshour on PBS last night. Kiley blamed the presence of rats, mice and cockroaches on guess who? The wounded veterans who live in Building 18! They had food in their rooms, Kiley said. I’m sorry, but there is no way a human being can give a damn about our wounded warriors and say something like that. Kiley should be fired, jailed, or, better yet, forced to live in a rat infested dwelling for awhile.

God bless Dana Priest and Anne Hull from the Washington Post for bringing the tragedy of Building 18 to the American people. And then there is White House Press Secretary Tony Snow with his large smile and must-be whitened teeth who said no one should question the president’s commitment to the American soldier.

Many of these wounded warriors have lived in Building 18 for as long as a year. This means one or both of the following two statements are true. No one from congress or the White House has visited or some did visit and simply don’t give a damn. As “General George Patton” said on the Don Imus radio show yesterday morning, The 535 members of Congress ought to be duck-walked over to Building 18 and made to live there. In two days that building would look like something Trump built.

People like Bush, Cheney, Snow and Kiley should simply be jailed.


The American people deserve an honest media without agenda. However, if members of the media have an agenda, have the guts to be honest about it. The American people deserve the courage of honesty from those in the political arena as well.

Not a chance.

In late November, Republican strategist Ed Roberts pointed out that Barack Obama’s middle name was Hussein. Shortly thereafter, a hypocritical Chris Matthew’s of MSNBC’s Hardball, asked Roberts why he was pointing out Obama’s middle name. What Matthews did not say, according to Media Matters, was that he, Matthews, was the first to point out Obama’s middle name during a November 7 edition of Hardball. The poison of dishonesty does not stop there. Just recently CNN reporter Jeff Greenfield warned that Obama’s casual style of dress would tempt people to compare the senator to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, another causal dresser.

Roberts poo-pooed the seriousness of his utterance, Matthews dodged responsibility for his, and Greenfield said he was joking and even went so far as to imply he had no idea anyone could misunderstand his “joke”. “How could anyone possibly take such analysis seriously? Or consider it a ham-handed effort at character assassination?” Mr. Greenfield wrote on the CNN website. Well, anyone with an IQ in a least double-digits much less three, Mr. Greenfield.

According to Media Matters, Mr. Greenfield has yet to apologize “for his role in doctoring a video clip of Hillary Clinton to portray her as a liar.” Mr. Greenfield’s claim he had no idea his observation would have such an impact reveals three possibilities, he is the only person in history whose IQ and life experience can leave and return without warning, he is a liar because he doesn’t give a damn or he is a liar because he doesn’t have the courage to be honest.

Meanwhile, all of the people referenced above (save forObama and Media Matters) insult all American people. Tell us the truth. Most Americans I know understand when someone makes a mistake or shoots from the hip from time to time. Most Americans like and admire it when they see someone with the courage to apologize. White House Press Secretary Tony Snow is a case in point. Recently he accused NBC reporter David Gregory of asking a partisan question. It took Mr. Snow a matter of days to acknowledge his misstep and apologize to Mr. Gregory. Mr. Snow received well deserved praise for his honesty and courage.

You would think Mr. Greenfield, Mr. Matthews and Mr. Roberts would enjoy similar praise. Then again, it requires the courage of honest integrity to earn that praise. It seems Mr. Greenfield, Mr. Roberts and Mr. Matthews have not been in the same room with courage for quite some time. Not only am I not joking, I am being entirely honest.