– Good morning, Smerkle Grumpy.
– Good morning.
– Thanks for meeting with us again so soon.
– More than welcome, more than welcome.
– So what’s on your mind this morning?
– Mythology.
– Mythology?
– Yes. All of us, or most of us it seems, are tangled up in our respective societies. Our governments, religions, economics, educational offerings, all that. Yet, I think we are missing something.
– How so?
– Well, somewhere recently, actually I think I was watching an old clip of Bill Graham preaching, back in 1979 I think it was, up in Nova Scotia.
– You love Nova Scotia.
– I do, very much. Anyway, he was talking about idolatry. And while it would be entirely disingenuous of me to say I am a practicing Christian, he said something which was spot on then and spot on now. He said we worship ourselves. Humanity worships itself and is, my add-on here, entirely self absorbed. King talked about –
– Dr. King?
– Yes. He talked about our arrogance, how we need to humble up a bit, that the universe is not all about us. Yes, we are part of it, but we don’t own it. The universe is not here to do our bidding.
– Can we go back for a moment?
– Sure.
– How does humanity worship itself?
– Many of us bask in our material creations, in material things, our material selves as if materialism was what matters most. I want a fancier car, a larger home, more money, the fastest computer, the most oil, the fastest plane, the largest muscles. We think that all of life is about us and so we worship us, and that is dangerous to the spirit.
– What are we missing?
– Life. We are missing life.
– Life?
– Large parts of it. How many of us are in such a rush to get to this place or that place that we don’t notice the beauty of an early morning or a sunset of the shape of the clouds in the sky? How many of us pause for a moment to look at the sky, much less consider for a moment that the cloud choreography they are witnessing will never happen again for all time. That every leaf, every bird, everything in nature is unique, nothing that repeats is an exact replica of what came before and therein lies the beauty, the magic and wonder of it all. None of this is beholden to humankind. Life was going on just fine long before we got here.

We wake up in the morning; heads soon buried in newspapers or the Internet or newscasts reeking of all that is wrong and horrible and then scamper off to make money, as much as we can because we are socialized into believing this is our mission, our purpose. Climb the ladder. And it’s a myth! There is no ladder! There is life, and so many forget to live it. We live slivers of it and forget to breathe it all in.
– That’s unsettling.
– It should be.
– What do we do?
– Humble up and live. Don’t build your life on the expectations of others, and by others I mean the society you live in. Life itself, all of life, is so much larger than any society or political design. You can find the answer in a rainfall.
– How so?
– When rain falls it strikes every surface that breaks its fall?
– Yes.
– It does not differentiate between countries or governments. It does not care whether someone is black or white or Asian or Latino of Middle Eastern. It doesn’t care of someone is gay or straight, married or unmarried. It doesn’t care about the belief systems of those living under the roof on which it plays its rhythm.
– And the rain is?
– Life. Life happens to all of us and is around all of us whether we like it or not, and if we accept this reality and allow ourselves to live it, the rewards, the joy, the happiness, the exhilaration is beyond description.
– Thank you.
– For what?
– Clarity, waking us a bit more.
– You’re more than welcome. We’ll talk again soon.
– Thank you, Smerkle Grumpy.


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