My name’s Muggles. Sometimes da boy lets me say a few woids, not always woids da boy or others want ta hear, but I know when he says I can speak a few things, da boy means it. He’s a good boy afta all. Don’t always think so himsef, but he is.

I knowed dis boy now near all his days, since he wadn’t nuttin but up to Daddy’s knee. Yeah…lotsa good times, good memories in doze days. Boy’s Daddy a fine man. He and dat boy loved each other like sunshine and flowers, like rain and soil. Ya take one away da odder near die, which pretty much happened to da boy when Daddy died too soon for making any sense. Boy’s Daddy died and likes da sun be taken from his day, from his world, nowed I think on it some.

But I’m here to tell ya da boy’s okay, gonna be anyways. He got him a hard head and strong heart and mighty will…he be okay, sure enuff.

But da boy’s got some sharp edges on his bones dees days. Sharp edges. Like cut steel I say, cut steel. He been butted around some da past coupla years or so. I near laff my ass off when I see some talkin’ tuff about da boy. I likes to tell’m dey should knee touch da ground and tank da good lord dey didn’t know da boy some 30 years back. I seen dat boy like diesel dynamite break bones and spill red. Bust some up hospital bad and den go for some coffee. Well, maya been more’an coffee now I think on it. Like I said, dey’s some should do some knee touchin’ prayers thankin God da boy ain’t got no use no sir for breakin bones no more.

Used to wag my head laffin. See some big guy way upside a six foot and da boy break’m down like he nuttin but a big ass balsa weed. Funny shit now I think on it. Long time back, doe. Long time back.

But day boy said I could say things to ya all dat’s on my mind. And so I’m sayin the boys got some hard cut steel edges on his mind deez days…can’t say as I blame him none. I’m glad da boy’s ’bout justice deez days, justice and honesty.

Da boy’s grown up, I can tell ya, he’s grown up. But he’s always da boy to me. Good boy he is. Daddy be damned proud. Daddy be proud, and some a ya’all be grateful it ain’t 30 years back. Da boys forgives deez days. I don’t know I would, but he does.

For doze who love’m. I can tell ya times are hard but da boy gonna be okay, he already knowed dis, thought maybe he wanted me to tell ya too, so ya’all don’t worry too much.



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