In our days of street
island pirates
the world was ours
we had more loyalty
on the tip of our
nail bitten fingers
than those tie wearin’
white-shirt white boys
whose greed flung
them into darkness
tellin’m they were
on the right track

I’d rather feel
my thoughts for the one
I love than think them
I’d rather embrace
her than touch her
remember her soft breasts
the sweet scents
of love rising chanting
pulsing through the air
like gods on
olympus we were

All the world was ours
every sunset and sunrise
through the morning mist
our dreams and hopes
danced and sang
we feared nothing
in freedom’s alley
not knowing yet
how much there was
to fear in freedom’s alley
we swirled around lampposts
into wondrous mouth
on mouth embraces
singing our songs
with all our might
we believed in

We knew nothing
about my history’s
bone crunching approach
the piercing heart splitting
that would pour blood
onto cherished hopes
drowning them into nothing
wiping them away
from our rightful
future on this earth
all our christmas’s
in freedom’s alley
to be never again
no more


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