Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.

I know there are years, time periods, when some of us wag our heads and wonder what on earth we have to be thankful for. Consider this, for a moment. If you are reading this then this moment belongs to us, to you and me. This moment is ours, nothing can take it away. And while I do not know each of you personally, I do very much feel connected to each of you. Your willingness to read what I write humbles me. I am deeply grateful and thank you.

While this blog is not the size of some others, I can tell you that its readership has doubled in recent months and it is now pushing around 1,500 visits a month. I hope some of what you all read here helps your lives in some way. I know being able to write to you, for you, benefits mine.

So, as you go through Thanksgiving remember something. If you find yourself wondering what there is to be thankful for, do the following. Find a mirror, then look in the mirror. The person you see looking back at you is something to be thankful for because it is you.

If ever you lose sight of how valuable you are, let me know, I will try and remind you.

Happy Thanksgiving! Please travel safely…




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