The end of the memoir is in sight and I can’t believe I just said that. You get to writing something like this and you feel, and at times believe, that there is no end to it. However, the end is in sight and oh my, I am bubbling over.

For the last four or five days I have been polishing and honing the part of the book involving my reunion with my birth-mother on January 8, 1987. What a breathtaking and beautiful event that day was. Deciding to look for her is one of the greatest decisions I ever made in my life. I can think of no decision any greater, that’s for sure.

I have chosen to finish the final draft this March 28. I will tell you why. At on or about 1:43 p.m. on March 28 I will pass my father in time in this world. According to the records, that is the time of day he died.

My father was born on February 20 and died at age 55 on August 16. I was born on October 2 and am now 55. If you count the number of days from February 20 to August 16 and then count the same number out from October 2, you land on March 28. And so, come hell or high water, March 28 is the day I will finish the final draft.

When 1:43 p.m. arrives on that day I will be at my Dad’s grave site to go through that moment together with him. As I have said in numerous speeches and writings, my father was and is the greatest gift life has ever given me.

As I mentioned in the journal entries from Stokes Forest (See October blog posts), from March 28 on, I will be striding through life for the both of us aiming as much love and kindness at others as I can.

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