The only wrong my father ever did me, albeit unknowingly, was to give me the impression that it was always safe to be me when someone loved me. As a child there was no way I could have known that my relationship with my father was the exception, not the norm. There was no way I could have known that my relationship with my father was, in a very real way, a miracle.

We are all offered miracles in life, if we have the courage to stay open to them and welcome them into lives. I know there have been times over the years when I think I may have encountered a miracle and it turns out I’m wrong. I am not afraid of being wrong. I am afraid of being closed to the possibility of miracles. I can’t allow that to happen. I am too committed to remaining open to the miracles of the heart life offers to me, and, I believe, to everyone.

There may even be a little miracle coming into my life now. Maybe for you too.

Stay open, stay brave – miracles are worth it. Promise.


  1. Peter..your commentary on miracles is refreshing…I have encountered one, and am hoping with faith for a second. My mother was healed at age 87 of two major blood clots in her lungs. Two docs said she would not make it through the nite. My wife is the next miracle in the make with possible tumor in her right lung. I will keep the faith. Kind regards, Paul Remski

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