It was the kind of moment that slips effortlessly past any emotional armament you might possess and touches your heart. Henrietta Hughes in Florida today, her voice thick with emotion, her eyes wet with heartbreak, told President Barack Obama she is homeless and sleeping in a car with her son Corey every night.

The crowd grew quiet when she told the president, “”We need our own kitchen and our own bathroom. Please help.”

Obama said, “”Ma’am, what is your name? Listen, we want to help. We’re going to do everything we can to help you. I will get my staff to work with you.” And then he stepped off the stage, went to her, and gently embraced her.

These are the moments that ought to give us hope. Moments where one person truly cares for another. When titles and age are insignificant, simply because life happens to us all whether we like it or not.

When I saw this moment today, and thought about it later, I thought of Paula, an extraordinary woman I was once married too, and how moments like these would reach her heart and I would look over and her eyes, like mine, would be filled to the rim with tears. And this night I could feel Paula watching, and hoped that many Americans were watching too, because it is time we laid down the tattered flags of partisanship and join hands in unity.



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