On the Walk: People Waving

Long walks on country roads are nutrition for the soul; drivers who wave to you are tonic for the heart.

I love those warm fleeting moments of connection. Smiles traded with people of all ages, connections in life that momentarily free us from our daily routines. Reminders that we do exist, people waving confirming we are here, we are noticed, we count.

Today walking I remember a darker time in life. I am driving down the right hand lane of a two way street, now slowing to let a car join the traffic stream from a parking lot, the driver waving to me, me holding fast to the moment. Someone likes me. Someone likes something I did. That must count for something. Wondering then if perhaps on dark-heart days I should drive up and down roads and let other drivers join the traffic stream because they will wave to me and iat least in the flicker of time I will have meaning, to someone.

Now, on the long country road walks, I am the full and complete me, still enjoying, no, still cherishing the exchange of waves and smiles.

People waving to each other. A good thing. We need more of it.


2 thoughts on “On the Walk: People Waving

  1. Peter my dear friend,How would you like to join me in the small city of Albany for a causal walk. You won’t have to worry about a thing we will have personal body guards multiple people watching us. They just blend right in the crowd most of them anyways. Some on the other hand just arn’t street smart or have the savy to ride a bus, yet alone know how to swipe their day pass.This second chance at a new life for me has been quite intresting the past 4 month’s especially. I’ve been chosen as a person to particapte in a survielance case study. Yesterday in fact one of my observers almost ran me over trying to quickly park her car. Many people are making lots of money, so far I’m out well over $1000.00 much I’ve just wasted buying dumb items they want to watch me buy. If they’ve planted cameras in my apartment they’ll know what I do with things. I enjoy my clean white eyeballs and hands that don’t shake and a mind not-filled with a craving for destruction. But a mind filled with beauty and an ability to enjoy time with family and meaningful friendships. My pay $0.00 pretty fair huh-Thats why the blog is coming soon. Yeah pretty soon there gonna have to call back in the special agents for my escape to a gated community way down south with warm sunny skies this time of year. Much love brother. WRD tbi’d,nde,survivor

  2. Peter, Maybe with all I’ve learned from you my MENTOR on Brain Injury Education I shouldn’t of disclosed so much of where my destination will be. Say if I was a Ph.d I would just say out on Sabatical.That of course would have been the proper way or correct manner for a professional person. Do you think we can put a link to a government website and show to very similar stories? With the only difference being 2 instead of 3 ?????BD-(brain damaged)and love my new life Thanks to you and many at Belvedere in Albany, NY


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