On the Walk: People Waving

Long walks on country roads are nutrition for the soul; drivers who wave to you are tonic for the heart.

I love those warm fleeting moments of connection. Smiles traded with people of all ages, connections in life that momentarily free us from our daily routines. Reminders that we do exist, people waving confirming we are here, we are noticed, we count.

Today walking I remember a darker time in life. I am driving down the right hand lane of a two way street, now slowing to let a car join the traffic stream from a parking lot, the driver waving to me, me holding fast to the moment. Someone likes me. Someone likes something I did. That must count for something. Wondering then if perhaps on dark-heart days I should drive up and down roads and let other drivers join the traffic stream because they will wave to me and iat least in the flicker of time I will have meaning, to someone.

Now, on the long country road walks, I am the full and complete me, still enjoying, no, still cherishing the exchange of waves and smiles.

People waving to each other. A good thing. We need more of it.