The Dream Worth Living

Carl Sandburg called it “The best book ever written about how to write” and I agree. The book, entitled “If You Want to Write” with the subtitle of “A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit” is written by Brenda Ueland. It was first published in 1938.

Ms. Ueland’s beautifully written work, when all is said and done, is about the inherent right and, if I may be so bold, responsibility we each have to give ourselves permission to be who we are, and discover that the joy of life comes from the very experience of being you and not from material wealth, or the sincere and insincere accolades of others.

The reward is the experience of life itself. The kind of car you drive is, in my opinion anyway, not life. But what you see around you or the music you are listening to or the conversation you are having with a loved one while you drive, these are the rewards of life.

When I talk with Michael, without question, my closest friend, so much so I experience him as my brother, the joy is in the content of our conversations, not the kind of phone we may be on. Nearly always before we hang up we say love you to each other. What a shame it would be if either of us gave a rat’s ass about the kind of phone we are on – we’d miss the experience of the conversation.

I would recommend Ms. Ueland’s book to anyone who wants to be reminded that being who you are in life is the dream worth living – and it is. I promise.

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