Here Comes Soil Boy

So I’ve decided to plant a vegetable garden, my very first. A serious vegetable garden. I’m thinking something like 600 square feet, which is, when it comes to size, plenty serious to me.

There is a wealth in poverty. A fixed income keeps you, if breath deep and relax, focused on some basics. And basics can be wonderful. Cost saving measures can be creative, and, in the case of this garden I am planning, freeing. I have done some reading about gardening. The importance of spacing the seeds correctly, the correct depth to plant the seeds, the benefits of compost, a process that suddenly gives your garbage welcome meaning.

I am raring to go. I have staked out an area in the back, I know to plant the taller items on the north side of the garden so they don’t block the sun for the other plants. I know in my heart I will develop a bond with the plants and I already know that when the season ends and they return to the soil there will be tears for me because I will be losing friends. But we all return to the soil in one way or another, so how bad could it be?

I have some seeds already: tomatoes, onions, squash, corn, sunflowers, peppers and beans. I’m even looking into canning food. All these things cost saving measures and the newness of this experience almost makes me clap my hands with childlike glee. There may be moments when I do exactly that.

So, today I go to my local gardening center. I love it there. It is run by a family and they are all attentive, kind, very knowledgeable, patient and, as I found out today, non-judgmental.

I get two seed flats that handle 50 seeds each, a few packets of seeds, and a gardening pamphlet. The young fellow who has been helping me begins to ring up my items. He says, “You’ve got soil for the flats?”


“Could be helpful.”

The two us are pretty much rolling in laughter. I say, “Betcha next time you see me roll up you’re gonna say, “Here comes Soil Boy”.”

It was a wonderful moment. Now, if I can make the garden half as wonderful as that moment, there will be some mighty fine veggies in the Kahrmann house this year.

One thought on “Here Comes Soil Boy

  1. As the days get warmer, and the snow melts into the earth…the anticipation of seeing just a little green…’like the color when the spring is born’…is a truly exciting feeling. The memory of the wonderful scent of trimming fresh herbs to cook with, and the mouth watering taste of popping tiny golden-yellow cherry tomatoes into your mouth, sweeter than honey, every time you pass the sprawling tomato vine… just because you can! It’s just so wonderful! Your plan for a garden is excellent on so many levels, Peter. Your garden will be whatever you put into it, but the beauty of mother nature is that even if neglected at times…it still yields so many gifts! 600 ft. square is indeed quite ambitious, but you’ll be bringing plenty to share to friends on Saturday’s I’m sure! Having a good connection with such lovely people at your local garden center is so important when you are getting started. Many years of working in horticulture taught me to listen to the farmer up the road that came into the center for supplies…and as your seedlings grow and you are itching to plant in the ground…wait just a little bit longer…no planting before Memorial Day! Good Luck ‘Soil Boy’!


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