All In One

My hands in the earth and of the earth. Dark moist dampness hosting rocks large and small roots I understand and roots I don’t but I know we are
all in one.

I am entirely reachable and entirely unreachable
all in one.

I am of the earth world weary of the more than one too many near me who dip their wings invitingly with feigned loving hearts of pallid stone I know now they are nothing
all in one.

It is the words for me it is in the words. On this page and others. Their stark landscape sometimes with mountains cresting in the distance casting darkness falling over the nape of their neck the travelers drifting into the darkness there in the cold of it and in the warmth of it
all in one.

My hands and words now back in the earth shifting and churning seeds planted in the hope of growth luscious seedling moments burst the surface in orchestrated unison all in one.

There now the warm hands holding the soft brush of human cheek to human cheek, my lips gentle on the breast over a heart beating warm light the cresting new day brings the healing sweep of sun and skin to skin embrace
all in one.


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