Letting Loose on the Bush-Cheney Slime Cartel

There are times I want to set aside any sense of decorum and have at it with some of the slugs I see. For example, the likes of former CIA director, General Michael Hayden, who actually defended torture recently on Fox News (a network renowned for having anything but news) and actually criticized President Obama for making the specific forms of torture public (they already were public, asshole) because now enemy combatants can train for it if we decided to use it again.

Use it again? Somebody slap that man. Better yet, kick his ass and be done with it. And while you’re at it, do the same to the Bush-Cheney Slime Cartel for two reasons: they deserve it and they’ve done more to damage what my country was founded and designed to stand for than any American administration in history. In fact, if there was one thing the Bush-Cheney Slime Cartel made sure to exclude in their efforts, it was anything truly American.

The Bush-Cheney Slime Cartel claim torture and secret prisons were and are needed to fight the horror of terrorism. Did they forget WWII and the Nazis? Were there any group of people more vicious than the Nazis? The world united against them (which, by the way, had begun to happen right after 9/11e before the Bush-Cheney Slime Cartel tried to develop a dictatorship (something I believe, historians will confirm if allowed to research and report honestly and unimpeded) and defeated them and the Nuremberg Trials to this day stand as an extraordinary example of justice right-sizing injustice.

Okay, enough for now. Peace out.

3 thoughts on “Letting Loose on the Bush-Cheney Slime Cartel

  1. Peter, I love you but Come on now, dictatorship, stop the bloviating, yes torture bad but No more 9/11’s is a good thing. Truly American is the fact that we feed and protect the world,with American dollars(loanedfromChina)and American blood. Write a little about all the great things America does for all the people in the WORLD. Even under Bush-Cheney. We’ll see if better day’s are here again under Obama for people who are disabled.

  2. http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=69113903883&h=rRgIK&u=07–5&ref=mfI leave this link because I posted a story related to the torture of prisoners by parties associated with the CIA and therefore the American government.While I do not go to the extent that you do, I believe that the American "way" – a country of laws, a bill or rights and a constitution all suggest that we should not fall to the level as the people we are fighting. Of course the British lost Afghanistan because they fought the British way whilst their enemy fought the dirty war. I have lived overseas for many years and for most of the Bush administration and I have seen how Americans were received under Bush. I was living in Albania for the Election of Obama and people, knowing I was American, came up to me and said congrats.No more 9/11's is not the measure in my mind. For me I wonder whether the new realities of insurgencies are incompatible with democracy and transparency. How many 9/11's did the Bush government stop or derail? What was the cost of that derailment? Have we just pushed the death and dying outside our borders and is that OK?Anyway, there is something in between dictatorship and allowing 9/11. Let remember this, 9/11 happened under the Bush regime. When Clinton sent Cruise missiles up against Bin Laden he was chastised by the right wing.


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