Faith in Love for You

A wonderful friend of mine sent me a song by female recording artist Susheela Raman called, What Silence Said. In it she asks, Did you lose your faith in love?

The question got me to thinking. Too many have lost their faith in love. Not so much their faith that love is there, but their faith in their capacity to believe that love, real love, is possible for them.

Old wounds have their influence. More influence than they deserve . Why should the wounds of old have so much say they stop someone from experience the love and wonder there is in life? God knows we can’t undue the past, but we do have quite a bit of say over how much decision-making power we want to give it. How much does it deserve? Not as much as it thinks it does.

So, if you’ve lost your faith in love, or lost your faith that there is love in the world for you, think again, because you are wrong. Love is there and it is there for you. And, by the way, you deserve it.

If you’d like to hear the song by Susheela Raman, you can find it here:



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