A Beautiful Breathing Truth

What now this fear of love?

This fear to allow yourself full length into the heart of another, and allow them full length into your heart. What good the fear? What good if all it does is guarantee the solitude of your soul, keeping the undeserved chill in your heart perpetually, a chronic ticking loneliness.

What now this fear of love?

I challenge it. Alone now, maybe. But I lay down the challenge. Life is too short. Mine is. Isn’t yours? Anyone’s? To allow the fears born of our histories so much sway they rob us still? I say fuck that.

What now this fear of love?

Challenge it. Isn’t it really the fear of being unloved? Now that, my dear reader, is scary. Love is a beautiful breathing truth. It makes all things grow, flourish, breathe, live! The blooming tip of possibility unveiled! Yes, for you too.

What now this fear of love?

I say banish it.


Faith in Love for You

A wonderful friend of mine sent me a song by female recording artist Susheela Raman called, What Silence Said. In it she asks, Did you lose your faith in love?

The question got me to thinking. Too many have lost their faith in love. Not so much their faith that love is there, but their faith in their capacity to believe that love, real love, is possible for them.

Old wounds have their influence. More influence than they deserve . Why should the wounds of old have so much say they stop someone from experience the love and wonder there is in life? God knows we can’t undue the past, but we do have quite a bit of say over how much decision-making power we want to give it. How much does it deserve? Not as much as it thinks it does.

So, if you’ve lost your faith in love, or lost your faith that there is love in the world for you, think again, because you are wrong. Love is there and it is there for you. And, by the way, you deserve it.

If you’d like to hear the song by Susheela Raman, you can find it here:



One of the Great Things About Dogs

One of the great things about dogs is they never complain about what you wear. They could care less. Now let me say I am all for people dressing and grooming themselves the way that makes them feel best. Not a problem. I do, though, have a hard time when some people assume quite a bit about someone based on what they wear.

Many years ago, probably around 1975, I’d been out looking for a job. I couldn’t find one on this particular day and returned home, angry and frustrated. I went to see Michael, my closest friend then and now. When I went into his house he was just beginning to lower a needle onto a record when I said, “You know what? You don’t get any fucking respect unless you have a suit and a good job.” The needle paused just above the record’s surface. Michael said, “Please – Nixon had a suit and a good job.”

Michael has a genius for right-sizing things like no one I have ever known.

I had a perplexing conversation with a woman I was in a relationship with some time back. It went something like this.

– Peter, your shirt doesn’t have a collar.
– I know.
– Why not?
– They didn’t make it with one, I don’t know. It has buttons.
– Not all the way down.
– Well, some are better than none, no?
– But there’s no collar, Peter.
– Is that important?
– If you have to ask that’s not good.
– How’m I to know if I don’t ask?
– Stop it. You should wear a shirt with a collar when we’re going out to eat.
– We’re going to breakfast at a diner.
– That’s going out to eat. I mean you’re wearing shorts, a shirt with no collar and not enough buttons.
– It’s over 90 degrees outside, lots of people are wearing shorts.
– That’s not the point.
– (I look down at my shirt) There’s enough buttons.
– That’s not the point, Peter.
– It is for the shirt.
– You’ve never made a commitment to a shirt in your life.
– I made a commitment to this one.
– Don’t you love me?
– Of course I love you.
– It would mean a great deal to me if you would wear a shirt with a collar when we went out to eat.
– Look, we’re only a few minutes from the house, let me go back and change shirts.
– There’s no time. We’re late.
– But we’re not meeting anyone.
– We’re late, I can feel it.

I have three dogs, they never ask me about what I’m wearing and I never ask them about what they wear. They have no choice. And while I do have a choice, it is mine and only mine to make.

Anyway, I have to go now. I’m late, I can feel it.