Listen to your heartsoul

Split word ladies dancing with broken song men

Me thinks I’m wise not going through all that again

Mangled dream weavers with songs sung off key

Wound the heartsouls of folks like you and me


Sincere hearted ladies dancing with strong souled men

Now that’s where I’m headed and stayin until the end

Honest lives live things from the inside out

Leaving no blood shed  no frightened shout


So sweet friend reader live things true

Your unflinching truth reveals the meaning of you

Better a dream half lived than not lived at all

Listen to your heartsoul answer its call

It Is Always

In the soft-sweet chambers of the dreaming human heart, hope draws its finest breath. There, in the rhythmic blood-flow butterfly-filled moment, the bond begins. There the ineffable connection between two people, exquisite as the diamond-lacing of morning dew on a blade of grass, all the fathoms of the soul strong, is born. There ,love begins, and, if we stay out of its way, grows. It is life and death’s finest gift. It is always.

A Beautiful Breathing Truth

What now this fear of love?

This fear to allow yourself full length into the heart of another, and allow them full length into your heart. What good the fear? What good if all it does is guarantee the solitude of your soul, keeping the undeserved chill in your heart perpetually, a chronic ticking loneliness.

What now this fear of love?

I challenge it. Alone now, maybe. But I lay down the challenge. Life is too short. Mine is. Isn’t yours? Anyone’s? To allow the fears born of our histories so much sway they rob us still? I say fuck that.

What now this fear of love?

Challenge it. Isn’t it really the fear of being unloved? Now that, my dear reader, is scary. Love is a beautiful breathing truth. It makes all things grow, flourish, breathe, live! The blooming tip of possibility unveiled! Yes, for you too.

What now this fear of love?

I say banish it.