Simply Being Me

Ratchet up your words my brothers and sisters, we’re movin’ on out of here. Let’s hit trails and unwalked hillsides, climb  some mountains, cross some rivers,  sit quiet on an island beach and watch the sunset paint the sea.

Wind up your tunes and lift up your voices my brothers and sisters, times a wastin’ and there’s so much left to see. Newspapers deliver everything but themselves and broadcasts speak in dysfunction’s voice, no reason not to be free.

I’m walkin’ on powered legs striding, tasting morning coffees and midnight dreams, knowing many things and people aren’t what they seem but I’ll be damned if let them blind me to those that are, ‘cause I’m simply being me.

I say sing out loud and dance out front,  let your laughter fill the air and when you kiss the one you love, mean every move. You need be no one but who you are, ‘cause look here now my brothers and sisters,  I’m simply being me.

You too, you too.



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