Sarah Palin’s An Insult to Dogs

Sarah Palin calls herself an attack dog with lipstick. A number of others refer to her as an attack dog. I don’t see why we need to insult our canine brethren like this. They do not deserve it. In fact, with rare exceptions, our canine brethren are kind, loyal, loving and honest. What more they are rarely picky eaters. Now I’m hard pressed to link the words kind, loyal, loving and honest to Palin, at least not the public Palin. In fairness to Ms. I-Can-See-Russia-Clearly-Now, I have no reason to believe she is a picky eater, publicly or privately.

What I do know is she is a legend in her never mind and has joined the out-of-our-minds chorus that’s running around claiming that a public healthcare option would give our government the ability and right to cause death by denying treatment. Are you shitting me? Do you have any idea how much death and health destruction has been caused by the denial of care inflicted on citizens by private insurance companies? President Obama is simply smart enough and, by the way, kind, loving, loyal and honest enough, to know that if a real public healthcare option was available to the American people, private healthcare insurance companies would find themselves right sized, poor things.

The bottom line here is those fighting against the public healthcare option are fighting for the we-can-deny-any-treatment-we-want-to healthcare companies in an effort to keep the wallets of all those mentioned in this sentence brimming with bucks.

Palin is simply a bizarre and mildly entertaining whack job who should do one of three things: shut up, go on the Jerry Springer show, or, given the fact she can see Russia from where she lives, move there. Wait! There is one other thing she should do. She should leave our canine brethren alone.


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