NY DOH Official Says Bogus Degrees Irrelevant

A New York State Department of Health official this week said it’s irrelevant that one of the department’s high-ranking contract employees misrepresents his credentials to the public he is being paid to serve.

When asked why a September 16 letter to this advocate did not address the fact Timothy J. Feeney continues to refer to himself as Dr. Feeney or Timothy J. Feeney PhD when he is neither, the DOH’s Lydia Kosinski said: “It’s irrelevant. People can call themselves reverend, honorable, the divine Miss M, the point is what he does.”

Kosinski said the contract does not require the director of the Neurobehavioral Resource Project (NRP)  to have a PhD or Masters degree, a disturbing fact in and of itself. Asked about the fact Mr. Feeney’s continues to present himself to the public as Dr. Feeney or Timothy J. Feeney PhD, Ms. Kosinski said, “He signs his name Mr. Feeney when he communicates with us,” and admission of sorts that the DOH know only too well the kind of “game” Feeney is playing.

For 15 years now Feeney has headed up the NRP for New York State’s Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver. Several million in state tax dollars have funded the project The NRP is arguably the most powerful influence over the TBI Waiver, a Medicaid program designed to provide services to brain injury survivors across the state. Mr. Feeney’s contract expires September 30 and the question is, will it be renewed, directly or by awarding it a company that then hands the reigns back to Mr. Feeney.

According to the September 16 letter, the current contract is held by the Southern Tier Independent Living Center (STIC) in Binghamton and they handed the reigns to Mr. Feeney. Mr. Feeney’s resume says he received his masters and doctorate from a now defunct diploma mill called Greenwich University that operated in Hawaii and California in the 1990s before moving to Norfolk Island of the coast of Australia in 1998. Greenwich closed its doors in 2003. Degrees issued by Greenwich are not recognized as valid anywhere in the world.

Calls to Deputy Commissioner Mark Kissinger’s office and State Health Care Commissioner Richard Daines’ office have not been returned.


2 thoughts on “NY DOH Official Says Bogus Degrees Irrelevant

  1. Why not refer this to the NYS AG for Medicaid fraud (providers have to be approved by Medicaid to collect $$); and to the NYS ED Office of Professional Discipline. Falsifying credentials and practicing without a NYS license is illegal. If he is acting as a psychologist or even a social worker without a license, it is illegal.


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