In A Good Way


We look for the meaning now

Lamenting the Styrofoam embrace of our coffee

And the young male teen walkin’ by talkin’

Tough like he knows strength

Someone saying I’d like to teach

The little shit a lesson

                       They mean that in a good way


In a hot vein moment we snarly jointly

At the Bosnia slaughter and I ask

What did we mean when we said never again

And minutes later coming home from

The day you point out a majestic tree and slow

The truck in awe never mind the tire screech behind us

                        I mean that in a good way


On the job we crank to high standards

Your shuffling pace spots the missed nick

The unfinished sweep the ugly table we moved

To paint a room muttering lit fuse quick

Before telling me my sanded walls look good

                        You mean that in a good way


Then our phone talk connection across

The landscape of our ripped childhoods

With minds and hearts bleeding

To the bump and grind of abuse

And our little boys met

And I’m damn glad they did

                        I mean that in a good way



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