Withholding My Fire

Many years ago my friend Dane told me I was too patient with people. It was true then and it is true now. I plan on changing this. I am, for example, tired to death of those who proclaim friendship or, even worse, tell you that you can think of them as family and later turn out to be as steadfast as a reed in a windstorm. I am sick to death of getting betrayed. The Marines have a saying, When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  For the friend-family fly-by-nights another version is more applicable. When the going gets tough, the wimps flee.

Back to betrayal for a moment. In early 2008 several took runs at me and away from me when I refused to back off when people with disabilities were being denied their rights and when I uncovered the fact a contract employee with the state was misrepresenting his credentials. I remember talking to Brother Gregory Myles about those who both betrayed me and did all they could to plunge knives into my back. Brother Gregory is an extraordinary man. He  glows with integrity and strength and has a remarkable capacity to right-size a moment. When I told him about those who’d betrayed me he smiled and said, “Peter, people betrayed Jesus. What makes you think they won’t betray you?”  I smiled, nodded, and, with all my heart, thanked him.

As for those who still take runs at me, or send wounds via e-mail or voice mail, while I will surrender my sobriety for no one, not even you, cross the street when you see me coming, my words to you will be anything but complimentary.


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