Here Comes the Sun

I heard a woman say, “The second my husband got his disability, he became a cottage industry.” Her observation was accurate when applied to her husband, and it is accurate when it is applied to thousands of people with disabilities across this country.

I say nothing new or profound when I point out that some companies that offer services to people with disabilities, people with brain injuries being the field I’m most familiar with, do their level best to keep people in their programs and enduring as many hours of services as possible in so the company profit. Is this true for all providers? Absolutely not. But it is true for some. And while providers who give their hearts and souls to help someone grow their independence and, in doing so, shed  services, deserve accolades and deserve the “headlines” so to speak, the ones who don’t, the ones who treat those of us with disabilities as if we are nothing more than profit makers, they deserve to be brought into the open. In a word, expose

Dehumanizing corruption like this thrives on secrecy. It hides behind a web of lies, overtures of feigned compassion spun with enormous skill, and, sometimes, no skill at all. Dehumanizing corruption like this is also bigotry. It’s prejudice. It’s as vile and hateful and full-throated as the racism that drove Selma Alabama racist Bull Connor in the 1960s to unleash police attack dogs and fire hoses and, in one instance, a small tank, on protesters, including women and children.

The denial of equal rights cannot continue. Bigotry of any kind has no seat at the table in a land pledged to freedom. If non-violent direct action is what it will take, then so be it. Too many good Americans have fought and given their lives so all of us can be free, not just a select, well-heeled few.

President Obama was right recently when said, “Sunshine is the best disinfectant.”

And so, with a smile and a nod the Beatles, let me just say, Here comes the sun.



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