Notes From an Advocate: Into the Light

The best way to get rid of the dehumanization of people with disabilities is to expose it as clearly and graphically as possible.

I have told more than one in the field of human rights, I will tell the truth for you, I will not lie for you. There are a few who made the mistake of thinking this was lip service on my part. Not.

As the Kahrmann Consumer Advocacy Coalition grows its membership and hones its purpose, I can tell you that my input will include a consistent push to bring those who deny people their equal rights into the glare of the public eye.

If you deny people their equal rights, you deny them their freedom.

Our current focus is on the survivors of brain injury living in the community who are receiving services in New York from providers across the state. Many of the providers are class acts and do not deserve to have their reputations stained by those providers who are anything but class acts.

Among other things, this latter group of providers engage in what can accurately be called, community-based warehousing. They should be and will be exposed. Although the survivors are living in the community, their lives and what is welcome or not welcome in their lives is controlled by the providers.

One thing I know is this; providers who prevent the coalition from telling the survivors in their programs about the coalition will be exposed.  The question is how best to do this.

Not only does the behavior of the poisonous deny people their civil rights, it denies people their freedom. There is no excuse; certainly not even greed, no doubt the driving force behind much of this.

And so my thought, my mission, is to bring the bigotry into the light.  Fungus never does well when exposed to sunshine.



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