Write the Words

You write the words in front of you, just as they are. If truth be your guide and courage your light, it is your only choice. You write the words in front of you and hope they reach the page before the influence of media, hunger, agendas, wounds of history, stain them. Sometimes you will not know if this has happened for some time. Sometimes you will never know.

You write the words in front of you, the ones that stand before your heart and soul, the ones you know wear your realities. Set them down, straight, true, clear. There are times their at-first meaning will lift like a mist and their core meaning will appear. I am back to fearless (I think). Reality, the experience of it, the exposing of it in all its ineffable shapes, tones, rhythms, sounds, movements, mores, tricks, blemishes, heartbeats, lives and deaths, relationships, lands and cultures, are the aim of your pen.

You write the words. Write, retreat, write again. You cannot – though like me, you likely will, at least at times – worry over what others will think. Have your worry, but give it no say. Write the words, write them anyway.



2 thoughts on “Write the Words

  1. Sometimes it is not providers who are the problem, it is the ny state regulations. 2 years ago a wonderful community based program run by Division of Social Services, Adult, was taken away from those on the TBI waiver program on the basis that they were getting these services through the waiver. However, that is not true. What is true is that Home Health and Community Services aides provided by an agency are carried out by a stranger whose relationship to the waiver person is governed by paycheck and employment …even if more of a relationship develops, as often can. But the DSS program provided for friends and family to provide these services…The name give to this worker is Personal Care Assistant (PCA). Since the person on the waiver or family accepts full responsibility the PCA can also drive the person on the waiver to appointments(saving medicaid money on cabs) and on top of this they will have common bonds in the community to share when out in the community. Such a stupid change in NY State regs contradicts the whole point of the TBI Waiver program and is more costly to the state. The programs were complementary, not contradictory. The change has limited the options open to TBI survivors who are trying to integrate into their communities. Isolation is the main problem TBI survivors face, even more so if the TBI impacted speech, mobility or memory. An agency HCCS is much less able to help overcome isolation than a friend who is part of a shared social network.


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