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My blog “pen” has been still for a time now and I am pulled back to this page because I feel a kind of welcome connection to the more than 1,500 people that read this blog every month. Any writer not humbled by that kind of attention is a fool. And, I’ve missed you all.

I’ve been fairly active. I’ve written three short stories recently and am, dare I say it, fairly pleased with them. I eyed the possibility of trading in my car for a new one and was reminded that if  you want honesty in your life, you’re not likely to find it in a car dealership.  But most on my mind, at the moment, is a recent presentation by several healthcare providers claiming to be experts in helping those who live with the dual challenge of substance abuse and brain injury. I don’t know all the players but two of the presenters were Albany-based Belvedere’s Brain Injury Program and Northeast Center for Special Care in Lake Katrine, New York.  One of the people from Belvedere explained that Belvedere’s counselors have sessions with survivors in their cars for privacy.

Those I talked to who attended were not only not impressed, they were horrified. Survivors of brain injuries were referred to as “those TBIs” – TBI stands for Traumatic Brain Injury – and one presenter said a survivor he knew had been a garbage man before his injury and so was probably special ed anyway.  No matter how you hold that disgusting observation up to the light, it is packed with bigotry. Survivors were talked about like they were products and, well, less than human.

Do these fools not realize that when you say all TBIs you’re spewing the same kind of bigotry as the voices who say all Blacks or all Jews or all Latinos or all gays or all lesbians? And don’t miss that the people who offered these presentations were picked by their company owners and leadership to represent their companies and, one would suppose, their views. Troubling, very troubling.

Anyway, it is good to be back. More soon. My best to you all.




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