For the Love of Naps

When I was a little boy and my parents said, time for your nap, I heard, time to die – painfully! God how I hated naps. They were forced stints of utter screaming boredom. In short, they were torture. My how things have changed. I love naps.

Naps are luxurious delicacies to be had almost whenever I want. For the past two years I’ve had a couch. A large burgundy leather couch that is so comfortable I should charge a fee for people to sit on it, or take a nap on it. Hell, I should charge me! My living room has windows on two sides so it is wonderfully sunlit and uplifting. To lie down on the couch in the early afternoon, read for a bit, then drift off into a nap, is about as beautiful as it gets.

Naps, by the ay are good for you. They reduce stress and  a six-year study of Greek adults revealed that those who took three naps or more a week had a 37 percent lower risk of dying from heart disease.

A note on the term power-naps. Give me a break. That sounds to me like a sales pitch driven by greed, the primary engine of capitalism, this last having nothing to do with democracy.

So, take naps because they are good for you and will make you feel better in life, and that you deserve. I’d talk more now but I think it’s time for a nap.



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