The Oft’ Petty Media

A healthcare reform bill was signed into law today. A big deal and big news.

The media, however, is not about to let big news distract it from the petty. Not a chance. In its drooling penchant for the petty and mindless, the media is pouring barrels of “ink” and time into the fact Vice President Biden was heard using a curse word when he congratulated the president just before today’s bill signing ceremony. He said, “Mr. President, this is a big fucking deal.” Guess what.  He’s right.

But my oh my, be still my heart, he used the F word.  The formally classy New York Times has a link to this “earth-shattering” event on the front page of its website. It is actually listed under a caption reading, More On Health Care, as if the used of the F word is somehow related to health care itself.

It’s a great day for my country on the health care front, not so great a day for the media. Oh well. Fuck it.



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