The Birds Outside My Window

It occurred to me recently that I still allow the daily mishaps of life to interrupt my appreciation of life. Take, for example, the fact big banks are scum.  My bank, Key Bank, will pay anything that comes in to my account even though they know  I don’t have the money to cover it, and then they nail me for a $38 overdraft fee. Key will do this several times knowing full well there is no money left in my account. Why do they do it? It gives them money to spend on things  like bonuses for those big wigs who work on ways to rip off the public. In other words,  fuck the “little guy”.

Yes, I am responsible for managing my money, no doubt, but it is a monthly battle for me with the combination of living with a brain injury and a fixed income. 

So there I am sitting on my couch fretting over the fact I would be arrested and sent to jail if I did what I wanted to do which was to drive to Key bank headquarters, find the top dog, and kick his ass. Now as I’m relishing the idea of rearranging the body structure of the top dog  I am half paying attention to my bird feeder on which two Chickadees and a Titmouse are having a feast. As I am in this moment it occurs to me that the nastiness and greed inherent in the bank policy was robbing me right then and there of enjoying the astonishing wonder of watching these birds feed, that this moment was mine, and the banks and bullshit of daily life ought not to take it away from me. And so I enjoyed the birds.

As you go through your day and deal with the bullshit and unfairness that comes your way, don’t let it stop you from enjoying the birds outside your window.

Oh – I’ll be joining the move your money movement, something I would encourage all of you to do. Basically it is about moving your money to local banks who are far more likely to treat you like, well, human beings.

After you do that, you can go back to enjoying the birds outside your window.


One thought on “The Birds Outside My Window

  1. I didn't have a bank for a little less than a year. Finally, I choose Weinwright Bank. The most socially responsible bank I've ever seen. Go Cambridge. 🙂


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