The Pedophile Pope

In an American prison they’d call the Pope Short Eyes, meaning child molester, pedophile. They’d be right. In very real legal terms, Pope Benedict aided and abetting the molesting of hundreds of children. He knew what was going on, and covered it up. My guess is he still is.

Recently, Dermot Ryan, a man that strikes me as a remarkable and courageous human being, commented on the March 24 piece in this blog, “Jail the Non-Christian Criminal Pope.”  I would urge you to read it. Contained in his comment is a request for an international arrest warrant for the pope. Anyone who finds the notion of arresting the pope silly or pointless needs to ask themselves this. If someone you knew helped protect someone who sexually molested your child, would you give a damn about their job title or level of fame? I doubt it.

What’s also horrifying about all this is the silence of world leaders.  The Pope and a number of others in the Catholic Church have for years covered up child abuse.  What kind of mind must one have to knowingly make a decision that you know – know!! – will result in more children being abused? And then you go out into the world saying you are the Vicar of Christ on earth? And your cohorts cover for you?

The leadership of the Catholic Church is engaged in organized crime; that’s what the wide spread cover up and support of child abuse is.

It is pretty sickening when the leadership of the Catholic Church runs screams about the rights of the unborn when it doesn’t give a damn about what happens to the children once they are born.

As far as I’m concerned, the Pope is a pedophile. Charge him, arrest him, convict him and jail him.



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